Monitor a patient’s medical care program, even when he’s home alone
Now, you can monitor the effectiveness of a dog’s medical care program using Vetrax with exclusive algorithm technology. Vetrax delivers an unmatched analytics solution that captures data to help you better monitor the health of your patients. You can recommend Vetrax for patients that require regular monitoring due to chronic illness, disease or other health conditions, including dermatology issues, weight management, arthritis and surgical rehabilitation.

How It Works

Collects the data. The pet owner affixes the lightweight Vetrax sensor to the dog's collar. Then, the sensor collects data that classifies the dog’s precise behaviors, including resting, walking, running, shaking, or scratching, and wirelessly transmits the data to the Vetrax information cloud.

Analyzes the data. Vetrax analyzes each dog's data using state-of-the-art behavior classification algorithms. Initially, Vetrax identifies baseline behavioral patterns for each dog.

Sends alerts. If Vetrax identifies a change or out-of-the-ordinary behavior, the system will alert your clinic staff. You can check reports for an individual dog or group of patients throughout the day.

Evaluate, manage, monitor and track

With Vetrax, you can detect health challenges before the onset of clinical symptoms in your patients. Vetrax can help you evaluate and manage the effectiveness of health treatments and nutritional programs or monitor and track the activity of a patient recovering from surgery. Our online tools and resources can help you better manage patient data and ongoing client communications.

Provide more effective patient visits

Vetrax can bring clients to the clinic more often and at the right time for more effective patient visits. Because the system collects objective, quantitative data, Vetrax can supplement client feedback with validated measurements of behaviors, which can improve both pet health and client satisfaction. Vetrax is offered only through veterinarians.

Joel Griffies, D.V.M., speaks about the technology used in Vetrax

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